Role Assignment History

September 06, 2015

Role Assignment History

You can now view the history of role assignments from a role page. Just click on the role name from the circle page "Roles" tab to visit the role page. In the upper right corner, you will see all of the role fillers for the role, and there is now a "History" link that will take you to a new page listing the history of assignments for that role. Note that this history is not yet available for the elected roles of Facilitator, Rep Link, or Secretary.

Secretaries can now assign roles

Secretaries can now help Lead Links with the administrative task of assigning and unassigning people to roles. As a circle secretary, You can assign roles either by dragging circle members from the circle member table into the role, or via the role assignments icon to the right of the role on the role tab.

Anchor circle Lead Links and Secretaries can now configure the Anchor circle:

Lead Links and Secretaries of your organization's anchor circle can now configure it by clicking on the gear icon next to the circle name on the anchor circle page.

You can now see election end date on elected roles:

You can now see when the election term expires for a circle Secretary, Facilitator, or Rep Link on the circle page (in the Core Roles section).