Process governance proposals asynchronously

August 10, 2015

You can now send proposals outside of meetings via GlassFrog. Craft a proposal using My Tensions, and submit it for review. Circle members will receive an automatic email notification to review the proposal, and can either say no objection or request that a submitted proposal be proposed in a meeting.

If there are no objections, the proposal will be adopted automatically and circle members are notified via email. Secretaries do not have to do anything.

To use this feature, propose a policy to accept proposals after a number of days, or your proposals will just remain unaccepted unless everyone accepts the proposal.

For proposers, how to use asynchronous proposals: 

 - Click My Tensions (found via blue navigation bar across the top), craft a proposal, and submit it or save for later.
 - Click submit, and confirm. Circle members are emailed about the proposal.
 - When viewing My Tensions, submitted proposals indicate they are being processed instead of just a draft. See the number of responses, and view the proposal.
 - If a proposal is escalated to a meeting for processing, the proposer will be notified with an email. You can't re-submit after it is escalated.
 - To stop the circle from processing a proposal, add it to the agenda from your My Tensions list during an open Governance meeting. 
 - If a proposal is submitted that includes editing governance records that are in conflict because other proposals have been processed, GlassFrog will email the proposer and not process further. Proposers can add to agenda during an open Governance meeting to process further.

When you receive an email that there is a proposal to review:

 - Click Review Proposal to access a proposal in GlassFrog. Review the proposal, and click accept or escalate to a meeting. 
 - If there are a number of days after which the prospoal would be automatically accepted, that time will be displayed. 
 - GlassFrog will indicate if someone has requested that a proposal come to a meeting. 


 - On the "roles page" or circle page enter the time to auto accept Governance proposals via a gear icon to the right of the circle name.
 - Admins, Lead Links, and circle Secretaries can edit the time to auto accept proposals and the circle's nickname.