Minor Updates: Scope is now Domain

May 05, 2013

With the recent release of Holacracy Constitutuon V4.0, we have some related development plans for GlassFrog, and they are prioritized along with other new functionality and bug fixes.

With this weekend's update, you'll notice some minor changes:

  • Scope has been renamed to Domain, so you'll see Domain/Scopes now instead of Scope
  • Core role definitions are updated to the latest version of Holacracy. Click the hyperlinks for core roles on the circle page to read them


In addition to the above, there are new options for associating a Domain when creating and editing policies in Governance.

When creating a policy, 'None' is no longer an option for the affected Domain; select the Domain that each policy affects. If there is a specific Domian limited by the policy, as in the example below, then select that one.

The default option is All functions & activities within the Circle; this only limits those within the circle.

New Deffault Domain For Policy Editing