Checklists and Metrics just got easier for our premium users

June 08, 2023

The first feature enhances your work organization by providing a centralized view. Instead of navigating through multiple circles, you can now conveniently access all your checklists and metrics in one place. To find these options, simply go to the left navigation of your personal system area listed just under "Proposals."

The second feature promotes transparency by allowing you to gain insights into others' work. You can now view the checklists and metrics that your team members are tracking. By selecting a member of the organization, you will be directed to their profile page, which includes two new tabs: Checklists and Metrics. From these tabs, you can easily access and review all of their checklists and metrics.

Please note that the privacy settings remain intact for each checklist and metric. Any items marked as private within a Circle will still be protected, and non-members of that Circle will not have access to view such items.