Multi-circle Tactical meetings are now live

October 12, 2022

Have you ever wanted to invite other roles or circles to your Tactical meetings?  Now you can!

Premium GlassFrog subscribers will see a plus-sign in the top right of their screen during Tactical meetings.  This button will allow you to invite other roles, or even whole other circles, to your Tactical meetings.

This cross-circle Tactical functionality fulfills the promise in the Constitution that Tactical meetings should not be restricted and can be open to anyone in the organization, if the circle wants to invite them.

Here are the available features:

            • All roles and circles in the organization can be invited to any circle's Tactical meeting.
            • An invitation banner is shown to all invitees.
            • Invitees are shown on the Tactical meeting history page.
            • Invitees can add agenda items.
            • All subscribed invitees will receive the meeting output email.
            • All invitees can be assigned projects and actions.

And, as a side benefit, we have also added the ability to subscribe to roles, so now you can sign up to get email updates for specific roles, in addition to being able to subscribe to circles.

These benefits are available to all Premium subscribers.  If anyone else would like to test this functionality, please email us at to get a free trial of premium.